Restaurant and cafes
Delight your guests with fast and accurate ordering
Digital ordering and guest care powered by VoxiAI
Delight your guests with fast and accurate ordering

VoxiAI seamlessly integrates with your current technology to guarantee the quality and have the least impact on the current processes.It's an intelligent B2B virtual operator that can replace 80% of your agents and cut 60% of expenses on taking orders. Its' automation level allows to take 8 of 10 orders with no human help

What is more it's low risky because we capture the intends and in case if a client want to talk to real person he will be immediately seamlessly switched to the agent.
VoxiAI support guests through all phases of their journey. From ordering to hearing the views and back-of-house support, our solution maximize operational efficiencies by allowing you to:
  • Engage with your guests on the channel of their choice, including drive-thru Consistently upsell and increase average order value
  • Take orders faster to reduce wait times, including delivery orders
  • Increase CSAT with a seamless guest experience
  • Provide unique personalized experiences to returning guests
  • Collect more accurate guest and restaurant data
  • Free up restaurant staff to focus on tasks that increase throughput

How can VoxiAI support restaurants?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is showing up everywhere today. Even within a single industry like food services, there are hundreds of examples of where AI is used to support everything from operations and data analysis to marketing and guest experience, and more.

Because of its advanced ability to understand and respond on a human level, VoxiAI is best applied to guest experience. In other words, restaurant guests will be able to have a similar experience interacting with VoxiAI technology as they would with a human.
This allows VoxiAI to support restaurant guests in functions such as:

  • Answering questions about promotions, restaurant locations, and more
  • Ordering food, even when the order is complicated
  • Social media monitoring to increase engagement and have more meaningful conversations with guests
  • Supporting back-of-house staff with seamless ticket delivery that improves order accuracy and increases throughput