Improve your first time call resolution with unique AI solution
Solution for call-centers that increase effectiveness between AI assistant and agents for interactions with your clients.
Why VoxiAI?
"How does your solution can improve my call-center sales?"
  • 1
    Improve your first time call resolution by 10%
    VoxiAI decides with accuracy more than 90% during first seconds of the call of concrete agent who can helps your client better.
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    Low service level or high average handle time?
    "Tandem" it! Our technology Voxi.Tandem analyse conversation and offer to use appropriate agent - human or AI - in "ad-hoc" mode, with seamless voice switch. VoxiAI decrease average handle time by 5-20%.
  • 3
    Accent reduction for foreign call-centers
    Our technology Voxi.Clear reduct accent to help your agents sounds more native. For your client from Great Britain conversation it will be more British, for the US clients - more American due to customisable speech patterns.

How we work:
We analyze your current KPI, volume of the calls, dialogue scripts with you.
We integrate VoxiAI into infrastructure and CRM.
VoxiAI starts to improve your KPI from the first day, giving more exciting results day by day.
Next step
Support to get more exciting results with VoxiAI.

Our team
Our company has over 3 years of experience of creating call-center solutions.
  • Andrey Stepanov
    Founder, CEO
  • Alexander Mitroshkin
    Founder, CTO
  • Alex Kozhevnikov
    Founder, CBDO
  • Renat Zainutdinov
    Customer service manager
Our partners
Google Cloud
Google Cloud Startup Program Member Grant in May 2019
Nvidia Inception Program for AI startups Member in June 2019
Improve your average handle time up to 20%!
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