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Linear processing is out of date. Conveyor-based processing decreases average handle time of calls by up to 35% and increases customer satisfaction in call-centers.
Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs
- Henry Ford

The way you process calls now works but is it the best way to do it?
Mathematical calculations and history do not agree with that.
Now you make every agent handle a call and solve every or almost every problem that your client has, to work with all the software and be the ultimate odd-job man but VoxiAI changes the way you think about processing calls.
is a cloud-based telephony service for the call center industry that divides calls into several parts to be handled by different agents.

Using machine & deep learning technologies, we make a seamless switch between either human agents or voice bots that all sound like one human agent.
It's like Henry Ford's conveyor-belt based assembly line, but for voice conversations.
How it works
Step 1
Divide a call into "parts"
Step 2
Divide all the agents into groups and train each one to work with only one application
Step 3
Get the profit of working with VoxiAI
How indicators are changing with VoxiAi
Average handling time
Normal time
- 35%
Agent training time
2 weeks
2 day
Cost per customer
Normal costs
- 20%
Agents' professionalism
Is improving
Improving fast
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