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Empower your customers with more self-service options.
Increase customer satisfaction and contact center efficiency with unprecedented customer care. Now that's powerful.
Your customers expect their utility companies to provide excellent customer care — with minimal interruptions. As customer experience continues to be a key differentiator for utility companies especially in this age of Digital Transformation, your organization needs a cost-effective and reliable way to organize your work. With VoxiAI, you can decrease the average time of calls by up to 35%, decrease costs, abandon the backlog and rise the total efficiency of your call centre.
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    Start, Stop and Transfer Service
    When your customers need to make changes to their service — like when they're moving, or enrolling in a new service — they want to do so easily and effectively. Accelerate your Digital Transformation and meet you customers with they are .VoxiAI enables you to collect relevant information, validate move details, schedule new service appointments, and more — all without the need for a live agent.
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    Proactive Communications
    Whether planned or unplanned, outages and maintenance can frustrate both you and your customers. Use VoxiAI to deliver proactive communications that provide detailed outage information, notify customers of updates, and survey customers once issues have been resolved.
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    VoxiAI can help you expand self-service to easily collect outage information, provide proactive updates on outage conditions, and notify consumers once service has been restored.
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    Billing and Collections
    VoxiAI for banking make it easier for customers to set up automatic payments and paperless billing, provide balance information, process payment information, remind customers about near due payments, and more.
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    Service Appointments
    VoxiAI for self-service solutions make scheduling and updating appointments fast and easy — saving you the cost of sending a service truck when no one's home. Allow your customers to easily set, confirm and reschedule appointments without the need for a live agent.
Restaurant and cafes
Delight your guests with fast and accurate ordering
Digital ordering and guest care powered by VoxiAI
Delight your guests with fast and accurate ordering

VoxiAI seamlessly integrates with your current technology to guarantee the quality and have the least impact on the current processes.It's an intelligent B2B virtual operator that can replace 80% of your agents and cut 60% of expenses on taking orders. Its' automation level allows to take 8 of 10 orders with no human help

What is more it's low risky because we capture the intends and in case if a client want to talk to real person he will be immediately seamlessly switched to the agent.
VoxiAI support guests through all phases of their journey. From ordering to hearing the views and back-of-house support, our solution maximize operational efficiencies by allowing you to:
  • Engage with your guests on the channel of their choice, including drive-thru Consistently upsell and increase average order value
  • Take orders faster to reduce wait times, including delivery orders
  • Increase CSAT with a seamless guest experience
  • Provide unique personalized experiences to returning guests
  • Collect more accurate guest and restaurant data
  • Free up restaurant staff to focus on tasks that increase throughput

How can VoxiAI support restaurants?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is showing up everywhere today. Even within a single industry like food services, there are hundreds of examples of where AI is used to support everything from operations and data analysis to marketing and guest experience, and more.

Because of its advanced ability to understand and respond on a human level, VoxiAI is best applied to guest experience. In other words, restaurant guests will be able to have a similar experience interacting with VoxiAI technology as they would with a human.
This allows VoxiAI to support restaurant guests in functions such as:

  • Answering questions about promotions, restaurant locations, and more
  • Ordering food, even when the order is complicated
  • Social media monitoring to increase engagement and have more meaningful conversations with guests
  • Supporting back-of-house staff with seamless ticket delivery that improves order accuracy and increases throughput

Taxi Services
how VoxiAi will help in this buisnes
Digital ordering and guest care powered by VoxiAI
Taking orders is one of the most important parts of taxi services and there should be no chance of error. The agent should listen to the agent carefully to find out where is the client now and the point of destination. However agents are not always kind with customers that affects CSAT, they get sick, they want to have a break, they are not ready to work 24/7 and you need to pay them a salary. VoxiAi for taxi service is a virtual operator that can do the same job but cheaper, reduce the waiting line and works without any errors.
VoxiAI for taxi services can:

  • Take 1000 orders at the same time
  • Take order and send it straight to the drivers application
  • Understand the intends and if the caller does not want to take a taxi, seamlessly switch to the live agent
  • Filter the clients and understand if a client is loyal to virtual agent or not and if necessary transfer the call straight to the live agent

Phone and Mobile Voice

With the ability to speak naturally and conversationally, your guests will get more done faster. In a crowded coffee shop? Fido barking in the background? Even in the noisiest situations, we accurately hear what they're saying.
Skip the hangups: Give your customers easy, personalized customer care that gets it right every time.
Effective self-service options available anytime, anywhere.
A great customer experience should make your customers' lives easier. But when you're managing multiple services for each customer — whether it's phone, internet, or cable — providing a seamless, personalized experience across channels can be a challenge. That's why VoxiAI enable you to provide efficient and effective self-service that's available 24/7 and offers quick resolutions. So your customers can pick up where they left off, and your agents are freed up to handle more complex or sensitive customer issues.
How is artificial intelligence (AI) used in telecom?
AI can be used by telecom service providers to elevate customer experience at scale. From service and plan management to technical support, AI, specifically VoxiAI, can be used to deliver human-like conversations between the telecom company and their customers. Because AI can handle an unlimited volume of calls, customers will never have to wait to speak with an agent, but they will still receive top-notch customer service.

With the ability to seamlessly integrate into existing business systems, VoxiAI can also provide a personalized experience for customers so they do not have to repeat information that is already known by the company. This personalization also supports the ability to deliver proactive alerts about payment, product usage, and promotional offers.
Integrate Superior Customer Service with Financial Responsibility.
With so many choices available to consumers, banks and financial institutions are challenged when it comes to creating long-term customer loyalty. The institutions with competitive advantages are utilizing artificial intelligence to provide efficient ways for customers to get things done. VoxiAI enable effortless, conversational options that put your customers at the center of their banking experience.
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    Transactions and Transfers
    With our self-service solutions, customers can handle balance inquiries, view transactions history, make account transfers and get answers to frequently asked questions.
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    Account Updates
    Allow your customers to easily update account information, enroll in programs and services, collect alphanumeric information, and help with login and password resets.
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    Fraud Alerts
    Give your customers another reason to trust you, with a convenient and fast way to prevent fraud. Interactions solutions can send proactive fraud alert messages and provide options for viewing and flagging fraudulent charges across devices — all without interacting with an agent.
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    Loan Servicing
    With an Intelligent Virtual Assistant, your customers can easily apply for a loan or credit card, check application status, make payments on a loan, retrieve balance and interest information, and receive interest rate information.
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    Billing and Collections
    Interactions billing and collections solutions make it easier for customers to set up automatic payments and paperless billing, provide balance information, process payment information, remind customers about near due payments, and more.
Private Clinics
It's hard to imagine how many work a regular agent does working in a private clinic. So many doctors and so many patients who are not always coming or coming at the wrong time. And there is no other way to find out if a patient is coming or not except calling in advance and asking a straight answer

VoxiAI for private clinics is the best agent you could ever have. It helps patients as well as doctors. A client call to the clinic and want to schedule a meeting, VoxiAI will automatically checks if the time slot is available before creating the meeting and if not will warn about available slots.

It will automatically call every patient and know if everyone are coming and if not, fill the time slot with another patient. And if a doctor need to cancel the meeting, VoxiAI will reschedule every patient
VoxiAI for Clinics is
  • an agent that is always available
  • a modern and easy way to schedule a meeting
  • a quick way to inform your patients about all the changes in the schedule cheaper than live agents
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