Scale your business with economy up to 54%
Voice assistant VoxiAI can unload dispatchers and automate up to 94% of the incoming and outcoming calls.
Why VoxiAI?
"How does your solution can solve cold calls problems?"
Checked solution
Everyday VoxiAI handles thousands of the incoming and outcoming calls, saving time of your dispatchers and handle all of the calls during peak hours.
No more "press 1" or "say yes"
VoxiAI can handle linear dialogues, answer to your clients for the most part of the cases.
Unique experience
VoxiAI solution reach one of the top indicators - 94% of the calls handling by robot - for the automated call robots.
About VoxiAI
"My name is Alex Kozhevnikov and I am CBDO in VoxiAI.
I glad to inform you that we have a solution for your service, that can fully automate your phone dispatchers.
I am wondering if you could have a look at the video I made about our product:"

How we work:
We analyze type of your business, volume of the calls, dialogue scripts and form strategy for the automation of the calls with VoxiAI.
Connect VoxiAI with your system administrators or integrators on your business phone number.
After end of the testing we can to integrate VoxiAI in two ways - consistently, by calls during peak hours, or complete handle by VoxiAI.
Real-time control panel shows you reports about call's results (and also listen all of the calls to improve results).

Our team
Our company is more than 10 years on the phone industry market. Our experience makes our clients happier.
Andrey Stepanov
Founder, CEO
Alexander Mitroshkin
Founder, CTO
Alex Kozhevnikov
Founder, CBDO
Renat Zainutdinov
Customer service manager
You can improve your cold calling during a week!
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E-mail: info@voxiai.com