Taxi Services
how VoxiAi will help in this buisnes
Digital ordering and guest care powered by VoxiAI
Taking orders is one of the most important parts of taxi services and there should be no chance of error. The agent should listen to the agent carefully to find out where is the client now and the point of destination. However agents are not always kind with customers that affects CSAT, they get sick, they want to have a break, they are not ready to work 24/7 and you need to pay them a salary. VoxiAi for taxi service is a virtual operator that can do the same job but cheaper, reduce the waiting line and works without any errors.
VoxiAI for taxi services can:

  • Take 1000 orders at the same time
  • Take order and send it straight to the drivers application
  • Understand the intends and if the caller does not want to take a taxi, seamlessly switch to the live agent
  • Filter the clients and understand if a client is loyal to virtual agent or not and if necessary transfer the call straight to the live agent

Phone and Mobile Voice

With the ability to speak naturally and conversationally, your guests will get more done faster. In a crowded coffee shop? Fido barking in the background? Even in the noisiest situations, we accurately hear what they're saying.